Romance punk a medianoche

Admirable desde lejos.

Te miraba, y me sobraban las razones. ..tu simpleza rodeó la parte mas íntima de mi.
pude asfixiarme de tanto amar así.

make sure your hygiene/cleaning products and cosmetics say “not tested on animals,” otherwise u are suporting some extremely fucked up shit. this picture shows rabbits being restrained so that cosmetics and cleaning products, etc, can be tested in their eyes. this still happens to rabbits and dogs here in the u.s., it’s called “the draize test.” if an animal is severely injured by a test, they’re euthanized afterward; if they’re mostly ok, they’re rinsed off and just tested with another product. their whole existence is reduced to just being a test plot for our chemical products
even when the testing is elsewhere on the body: we’re just using these animals like our property, like their only value is how we can use them. veganism directly challenges this idea. veganism says we do not have the right to force things on other animals, all animals should be free to live their own frickin liefs. and you can send this message to everyone around you by going vegan

me da tanta pena estar llena de odio


Si existe una cualidad realmente seductora en Clementine es que su personalidad promete sacarte de tu mediocre vida humana

im sorry. i lost your favorite t-shirt.
i’ll buy you a new one, a better one.